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The Ryobi is also attachment succesful, this means that that you could increase its capability by way of swapping out the trimmer head for other well suited Ryobi tools including a hedge trimmer or snow thrower. It is louder and heavier than the Ego, plus a bit harder to maneuver, but it additionally comes at a very affordable fee—around $50 less than the Ego on average.

For our field test, the Ryobi reduce roughly 1,six hundred square toes of dense grass, weeds, and shrubs on a single rate. The Ryobi’s overall performance became within the middle of the %—just over half of what the Ego completed on a complete price—and in patches of truly thick, tall grass every now and then the trimmer head got wound up in the grass or simply pushed it over instead of reducing it. It also couldn’t sever the Japanese Knotweed stalks as successfully because the Ego. Still, while it got here to everyday trimming, even in heavier weed regions, it had little hassle. wireless trimmer product

The Ryobi is “attachment ready,” which means you can put off the trimmer head and replace it with a number of other equipment, including a broom cutter, pole noticed, or even a cultivator. We requested Clint DeBoer approximately those attachments and he said there may be without a doubt a crowd that favors them. “Pros don’t like them…but many owners we’ve talked to absolutely just like the concept of the decreased garage that the attachments give you, although I don’t understand too many who definitely choose the eccentric merchandise like blower attachments, hedge trimmers, or cultivators. The most available attachments we’ve seen are the edgers and pole saws.”

The Ryobi string trimmer head (top left) and a few of the other to be had attachments (cultivator, brush cutter, and pole saw). Photo: Doug Mahoney
We examined some of these attachments with the Ryobi and have been impressed with the consequences. Using the cultivator with a completely charged battery, we had been able to paintings for an uninterrupted 15 minutes and tilled a 2-by way of-20-foot (40 rectangular feet) area of the sphere into a geared up-to-cross garden bed. For a 2nd check on softer floor, I tilled up a ten with the aid of 10 place (a hundred square feet) on a single fee. In these times, handling the cultivator is bodily annoying, but they display that the Ryobi is able to cleansing up lawn rows or tilling flower beds inside the spring.

We additionally appreciated the pole saw attachment and had been able to reduce down some of branches and small timber that had fallen over a brook that we couldn’t attain with a conventional chainsaw. The brush cutter labored as advertised as properly. In preferred, we were impressed with how all of the attachments done while attached to the cordless tool.

If you do cross the attachment route and need the potential to jump quickly from undertaking to project, you could want to remember buying a second battery for about $100.